Can An Artist Insure Their Hands?

How do insurance companies make money?

Theoretically, insurance companies make their profit by collecting premiums that are used to attract new customers and paying out claims.

Apart from managing operational and commercial expenses insurance companies have to use their income to fund the salaries of their employees and whatever is left is their profit..

What does it mean to have your hands insured?

Some surgeons insure their hands. If they are in an accident and loose the function of their hands, the policy will payout the agreed upon value. Some superstars insure various parts of themselves.

Who has their hands insured?

Keith Richards is nothing without his famous hands. The Rolling Stone guitarist insured his appendages for $1.6 million. In an interview with Fortune, Richards claimed that his hands are his business. And who can debate that, really?

Why do celebrities get insurance on body parts?

Insuring a specific body part seems like something celebrities do to get into the news. … The purpose of body part coverage is to supplement lost income if a body part is damaged, injured, scarred, handicapped, or lost. For example, Holly Madison, a former Playboy model, insured her breasts for $1 million.

Do celebrities insure their body parts?

The body parts celebrities have insured for millions In fact, it’s a practical and unavoidable part of modern life. … From legs and hair, to breasts and even sperm, here are some of the most valuable body parts that celebrities have used their millions of earnings to insure.

Can you insure your brain?

The insurance company was asked to replace it, which was impossible seeing as the purchase of a human brain is illegal. Instead, the insurers offered the doctor a plastic brain, which was luckily accepted by the policy-holder.

Who was the first to insure a body part?

Ben TurpinOne of the first people to take out insurance on a body part was the silent film actor of the 1920s, Ben Turpin.

Who has the most expensive legs in the world?

The Most Expensive Legs in HistoryBetty Grable, $1 million. Getty Images. … Tina Turner, $3.2 million. Getty Images. … Heidi Klum, $2 million. Getty Images. … Mariah Carey, $1 billion. Getty Images. … Rihanna, $1 million. Getty Images. … Taylor Swift, $40 million. Jamie McCarthyGetty Images.

What kind of insurance does an artist need?

Most artists will be interested in three particular types of insurance coverages: professional property, general liability, and errors & omissions. Commercial property insurance is just as it sounds – it protects property that you use in the course of business.

Can you insure eyes?

Can I insure my hands and eyes? Yes, whether you are a medical professional, tattooist, construction engineer you can insure your hands and eyes in the event of permanent disability. This type of insurance is not just exclusive to sports stars and celebrities.

What actress has her legs insured for a million dollars?

Betty GrableBetty Grable Started It All – The 1940’s Film Star Insured Her Legs for a Cool $1 Million… NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — If you know one thing about ’40’s film star Betty Grable, it’s probably that Lloyd’s of London insured her legs for over $1 million.

What is the most expensive body part in the world?

10 expensively insured body partsAmerica Ferrera’s smile – $10million. … Keith Richard’s hands – $1.6 million. … Ilja Gort’s nose – $5.58 million. … Gennaro Pelliccia’s taste buds – $13.3 million. … David Beckham’s legs (and face) – $195 million. … Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs – $144 million. … Bruce Springsteen’s voice – £3.5 million. … Holly Madison’s chest – $1 million.More items…•

Who had the Million Dollar Legs?

Betty Grable’sBetty Grable’s Million Dollar Legs. Blonde bombshell Betty Grable wowed crowds in Technicolor musicals of the 1940s and ’50s, showing off her strong voice, skilled dancing and, of course, her million dollar legs.