How Can You Tell If Furniture Is Stickley?

What does Mission style furniture look like?

Mission style is a design that emphasizes simple horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels that accentuate the grain of the wood (often oak, especially quartersawn white oak)..

How can you tell a Stickley?

Stickley Marks Marks may appear stamped in ink, burned in or on a paper, leather or metal tag. More than one mark may appear on the same piece.

How do I find out the manufacturer of furniture?

A telltale sign of the furniture’s maker is a manufacturing tag, label or stamp bearing the name of the creator. Such a marking or label may have been placed inside a drawer on an old dresser, on the back of a chest of drawers, or on the underside of a chair or sofa seat.

Does Stickley furniture hold its value?

Stickley. … Stickley pieces frequently appreciate in value, especially older pieces and limited edition introductions. Because Stickley furniture is so collectible, you will see forgeries in the used market.

What style is Stickley furniture?

NouveauHe formed United Crafts in 1901 and Craftsman Workshops in 1904. While Gustav’s initial designs catered more toward the Art Nouveau style, he eventually simplified and bulked up his designs to create the Mission style by 1900.

What does Stickley mean?

English: habitational name from a place so called in Northumberland.

How do you care for Stickley furniture?

A: In general, caring for your Stickley furniture is as easy as light dusting and occasionally wiping with a slightly dampened soft cloth, and protecting it from damaging extremes.

How do I identify my furniture mission?

The distinctive characteristics of Mission-style furniture, popular from about 1900 through 1925, are easy to recognize:Lines will be simple and straight for the most part, with very few curves and no ornate carving. … Elements are most often chunky and flat or squared.More items…•

How can I tell if a piece of furniture is an antique?

– Generally speaking, square nails and worm holes together in a piece of furniture would indicate an antique. But somebody could build a new piece with old nails, or use old wood with new nails, so look carefully.

Do couches have serial numbers?

A mass-produced sofa, even a pricey vintage piece, most likely bears a serial number somewhere on its body. Look for a number near the maker’s tag or stamp, then check this number on a company or collector’s website.

Is Duncan Phyfe furniture worth anything?

Values for Duncan Phyfe furniture An original wooden table by Duncan Phyfe would be worth in the $50,000 to $150,000 range on the antiques market, today. For instance, recently, an original carved mahogany dining table by Duncan Phyfe from circa 1815 measuring 30 inches in height sold for $132,000.

How can you tell how old Stickley furniture is?

The Stickley Shop Mark Collectors use the shop mark as a hint to pinpoint the date of production and the Stickley brother responsible for making the furniture. They are not completely accurate, but they can help to identify a piece.

Where is Stickley furniture marked?

Look for a shop mark by any one of the Stickley companies. Many of the marks include a joiner’s compass shaped like an “A” with points on the ends of the two legs, the Flemish phrase — “Als ik kan” — translated as “to the best of my ability,” with the furniture maker’s signature beneath, usually Gustav Stickley.

How can you tell how old furniture is?

How to Determine the Age of Antique FurnitureLook Past the Style of a Piece.Examine Bottoms, Insides, and Backs.Check for Perfectly Matching Elements.Try to Figure Out What Tools Were Used.Look at the Wood and Upholstery Fabric.Investigate the Screws and Other Hardware.

Is Stickley furniture still being made?

Legacy. Gustav Stickley died on April 21, 1942. … & J.G. Stickley Company continues to operate in Manlius, New York, producing a variety of styles, including many original Gustav Stickley Arts and Crafts designs. The Company operates a museum, located in the original L & J. G. factory build.