How Old Is Stereophonics?

How old is Kelly from Stereophonics?

46 years (June 3, 1974)Kelly Jones/Age.

Why did Javier Weyler leave Stereophonics?

No reason has been given for his departure. A statement published on the band’s website and Facebook page said: “Hi folks. We wanted to let you know Javier and the band will no longer be working together.

Who is supporting Stereophonics 2019?

The band will be joined by singer-songwriter Tom Grennan, Super Furry Animals front man Gruff Rhys and Aberdare born Welsh rockers Fireroad at Singleton Park on Saturday July 13.

Were the Stone Roses big in America?

The American Stone Roses fan is a rare breed: a subset of a subset. They are a small fraction of the American anglophiles of the late 80s and early 90s who were buying imported music at specialty shops and seeing hugely popular British bands at tiny clubs.

What were Stereophonics originally called?

Name change and V2 Records (1992–1996) Kelly, Richard and Cable began writing and performing music in working men’s clubs together in 1992 as a band known as “Tragic Love Company”, a name inspired by their favourite bands (the Tragically Hip, Mother Love Bone and Bad Company).

When did Stuart Cable die?

June 7, 2010Stuart Cable/Date of deathCable, who was found dead on 7 June this year, left the Stereophonics in 2003 and was in a new band Killing for Company at the time of his death. He also had a weekly rock show on BBC Radio Wales and previously had a TV chat show.

Is Kelly from Stereophonics married?

Jakki Healym. 2013Kelly Jones/Spouse

Are Stereophonics big in America?

Stereophonics: Between 1999 and 2007, the Welsh band had five No. 1 albums in the UK. They all went either Gold or Platinum, and two even went 5x Platinum. In the US though, their chart positions were as follows – 134; 188; DNC; 127; DNC.

Are the Stereophonics touring in 2020?

Stereophonics have announced live dates for 2020. Kelly Jones and co have confirmed they’ll play shows across the country to support their 11th studio album, Kind, which is set for release on 25 October 2019.

When did Stereophonics start?

1992Stereophonics/Active fromFormed in 1992 in Cwmaman’s Cynon Valley, the band were co-founded by frontman Kelly Jones, drummer Stuart Cable and bassist Richard Jones. The band have gone on to adapt their sound and see various line-up changes throughout the years, but how did they come up with their name?

Who is lead singer of Stereophonics?

Kelly JonesStereophonics/Lead singersKelly Jones (born 3 June 1974) is a Welsh singer-songwriter from Cwmaman, Wales. He is the lead singer and lead guitarist of the rock band Stereophonics.

Who did Kelly Jones marry?

Jakki Healym. 2013Kelly Jones/Spouse

Did one of the Stereophonics die?

Stuart Cable (19 May 1970 – 7 June 2010) was a British rock drummer and broadcaster from Aberdare, Wales, best known as the original drummer for the band Stereophonics….Stuart CableOriginCwmaman, Wales, United KingdomDied7 June 2010 (aged 40) Llwydcoed, Wales, United KingdomGenresAlternative rock britpop grunge8 more rows

Where is Stuart Cable buried?

Cable was found dead at his home in Llwydcoed (near Aberdare) at 5:30 am on 7 June 2010. Welsh rock drummer. Stuart Cable was the original drummer for the rock band Stereophonics….Stuart Cable.Birth19 May 1970 Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf, WalesBurialUnknownMemorial ID53389898 · View Source1 more row

How rich is Kelly Jones?

What is Kelly Jones’ net worth and how tall is he? According to an estimation by, Kelly has a 2017 net worth of around $28.6million (£21.8million).

How tall is Kelly Jones Stereophonics?

1.68 mKelly Jones/Height

Are Kings of Leon big in America?

‘” That was before “Sex On Fire,” well, caught fire here and the rest is history – Kings Of Leon is now one of the biggest bands here too. In the same ’08 MTV interview, bassist Jared Followill admitted the band was concerned about breaking America. “We have to think about it, because we’re from America,” Jared noted.

Which British bands are big in America?

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