Question: How Long Can You AFK In AFK Arena?

What time does AFK Arena reset?

The servers in AFK Arena are reset every 24 hours..

Can you hack AFK arena?

There are absolutely no diamond hacks or gold hacks in AFK Arena and any other online games, they are just trying to fool you.

What is the best AFK arena team?

Best Campaign Team (PvE) In AFK ArenaStrongest Team (Whale P2W) Without any doubts, this is the strongest team to use in the campaign map with Talene as the main carry. … Follow Up PvE Team. … Lightbearer Tower. … Mauler Tower. … Wilders Tower. … Graveborn Tower. … Standard Wrizz Team. … Standard Soren Team.More items…

How do you get guild points in AFK arena?

Guild activity points are rewarded for every personal activity point a guild member earns. This means that every day every guild member can obtain up to 100 guild activity points by doing their daily quests and weekly quests. The cap is 100 per day, so if you obtain more than that, only 100 will be added to your guild.

What does switching servers in AFK arena do?

Basically, this means you start a new account without losing your old one and you can easy go back and play the old account. There are few hundred different server in AFK Arena and you could technically start a character on each one of them.

How do you reset scroll AFK arena?

Reset Scrolls can be obtained every week from Weekly Rewards and from various events. To use the scroll select a Mythic item with a faction and press Reset button, then press the Reset button again and the game will roll a faction for your item.

How do you delete AFK Arena data?

How To Delete AFK Arena AccountOpen AFK Arena Game and Tap on your PROFILE PICTURE given at the top left side of your screen.Tap on thee the section SETTINGS given at the bottom menu section.Now tap on the button SELECT SERVER and then tap on ALL SERVERS.Select a different server and CONFIRM to play your game from the beginning.More items…•

How long does Soren last AFK arena?

5 secondsSoren frightens his enemies to their very core, causing them to lose health and turn on their alies in the ensuing panic. This skill casts a charm effect lasting 5 seconds to all your heroes and summons unit in front of Soren.