Question: What’S Another Word For Reverie?

Is lost in reverie?

a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing: lost in reverie.

a daydream..

What is the synonym of discordant?

In this page you can discover 48 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for discordant, like: clashing, grating, cacophonous, at-odds, incompatible, harsh, conflicting, incongruous, quarreling, absonant and unmelodiousstrident.

Is Revery a Scrabble word?

REVERY is a valid scrabble word.

What is the antonym of reverie?

Antonyms of REVERIE realization, fact, reality, certainty, nightmare, verity, substance.

What is the definition of reverie?

1 : daydream. 2 : the condition of being lost in thought.

How do you use reverie in a sentence?

Reverie sentence examplesHer reverie passed quickly and she seemed embarrassed by it. … She was roused from her reverie by the talk of the maids in the next room (which was theirs) and by the sound of their hurried footsteps going to the back porch.More items…

What is another word for loot?

Some common synonyms of loot are booty, plunder, prize, spoils, and spoil.

Which is the best antonym for loquacious?

opposites of loquaciousquiet.silent.untalkative.restrained.subdued.

What does ravage mean?

Verb. ravage, devastate, waste, sack, pillage, despoil mean to lay waste by plundering or destroying. ravage implies violent often cumulative depredation and destruction. a hurricane ravaged the coast devastate implies the complete ruin and desolation of a wide area.

Is Reverie a positive word?

“Reverie” is usually used for a pleasant state, but it is essentially neutral.

Is Revery a word?

rev•er•y (rev′ə rē), n., pl. -er•ies. reverie.

What is a Elusive?

: tending to elude: such as. a : tending to evade grasp or pursuit elusive prey. b : hard to comprehend or define. c : hard to isolate or identify.

What does disheveled mean?

: marked by disorder or disarray disheveled hair.

Which word is the best synonym for the word germane?

Synonyms & Antonyms of germaneapplicable,apposite,apropos,material,pertinent,pointed,relative,relevant.

How old is reverie?

The hip-hop daydreams of Reverie are quickly becoming a reality. The 23-year-old underground rapper born and raised in Highland Park has been making moves, pushing her music out to wider audiences.

What is a synonym for reverie?

reverie. Synonyms: dream, daydream, trance, vision, phantasy, ideality, woolgathering, wandering, musing.

What scan means?

(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to read or mark so as to show metrical structure scan poetry. 2 : to examine by point-by-point observation or checking: a : to investigate thoroughly by checking point by point and often repeatedly a fire lookout scanning the hills with binoculars.

What does dutifully mean?

1 : filled with or motivated by a sense of duty a dutiful child. 2 : proceeding from or expressive of a sense of duty a dutiful effort.