Question: Why Won’T EBay Let Me Revise My Item?

Can you revise an item on eBay?

You can revise your listings any time in My eBay, here’s how: In Selling Activity – opens in new window or tab, find the listing you’d like to revise.

Select Revise from More actions.

Make your changes, then select Revise it to save the updated listing..

Is it better to auction or buy it now on ebay?

While the item is worth a lot, you will not see enough bidders to warrant using an auction style listing. If you have multiples of the same item then the “Buy it Now” is the best option for you, as you are able to list all of your items in one listing and set a single price. We’re all pressed for time.

What happens if I end listing on eBay?

If you end an auction early and buyers have already placed bids, you may be charged a fee. This fee is the same as a final value fee, based on the item price when you ended the auction. You won’t pay a fee if you cancel your auction within the first 24 hours of listing your item, or if we have to end your auction.

Can I accept an offer on ebay before the auction ends?

No you can’t. When you end the auction early to sell to the highest bidder the invoice price is whatever the highest bid price showing on the listing is when it ends.

What happens if bid goes over buy it now?

Once you get a bid it is no longer a buy it now unless you listed it as such. now it is every bidder for their self. Some postings that that say this bid or this price are from stores with bulk items to back it up put on different listings.

What does revise on eBay mean?

revisingOverview. An item that is still active on the eBay site may be changed by the seller. This is known as revising an item. When an item is revised, the seller can specify a new value for one or multiple elements of the item’s definition or remove an element.

Why won’t eBay Let me revise my item?

Re: eBay won’t let me revise items Do you have a limited selling allowance, for example a fixed number of listings per month or a fixed value per month? If so and you have used your allowance then you won’t be able to revise the listing.

How do I fix my eBay listing error?

Listing Error: The item specific Style is missing. Add Style to this listing, enter a valid value, and then try again. Solution: When looking at the list of products, click “Edit Product”. Next, click on the tab: “Describe the item that you are selling”.

Will eBay charge me if I cancel a listing?

There are no bids on your item. … You’ll need to cancel all active bids before you can end your listing. In this situation, we charge a fee equivalent to the final value fee that you would have paid if the listing had ended on its own and sold for the highest bid received when you ended the listing.

How much does eBay charge to end a listing early?

ebay charges 10% FVF on the transaction: item price + shipping. These fees are charged to your account and you are billed either the 15th or 30th of each month. You can select to cancel all the current bids and end the listing. You will be charged a penalty equal to 10% of the highest bid.

How do I avoid eBay fees?

To avoid these fees, always check the bottom of the page for your total fees before submitting a listing. Make sure it says zero, 20 cents, or whatever is correct for your store subscription level. If you hit submit and eBay has snuck in an upgrade, you still have to pay it.

Can I list an item in two categories on eBay?

To add a second category, select Add a second category in the Product details section of the listing form. You’ll pay an insertion fee for including a second category (this fee still applies even when using a free listing). Learn more about eBay fees.

Does eBay charge you to revise a listing?

You can usually make changes to your eBay listings, but there are some restrictions depending on what you want to change and when. There’s no fee to revise a listing unless you add a special feature. To improve your help experience, please sign in to your account.

What does Error Type 99 mean on eBay?

Usually indicates a PayPal account setup problem or item does not ship/post to the UK …check and update accounts details > … and also >>

How do I add conditions to my eBay listing?

To specify the item’s condition on your domestic listing:When listing your item, select the condition of your item from the Condition drop-down menu.Although the options vary by category, the Condition drop-down menu lets you specify the item’s condition.More items…•

Why can’t I change from Buy it now to auction?

Answers (7) Format can only be changed by ending the listing and using “sell similar”, changing the format, then listing. The option to change to an auction from buy it now is still there, but you have to go to the ‘traditional view’ from your Selling page.

What does size type mean on eBay?

search refinement option”Size type” is a search refinement option that you add after getting to a results page. You do not have to use the “option” if you add the size you want to the search you type in Ex: LL Bean mens medium, fleese vest, blue.