Quick Answer: Do Clan War Donations Count?

How does clan war loot work?

War Wins Mean Big Bonuses.

Every base has a unique War Win Bonus.

That bonus is the loot you’ll get if you get at least one star and your Clan wins the war.

At the end of Battle Day, you’ll get the full War Win Bonus for a victory, 40% for a draw and 30% for a loss..

What is the best troop for clan castle in war?

best clan castle troops10 Space: Baby Dragon. Valk and 2 Archers. … 15 Space: BDrag, Wizard, and Archer. Valk, Wizard, Archer, and Minion. … 20 Space: Dragon. BDrag, Valk, and 2 Archers. … 25 Space: Dragon and Balloon. BDrag, Witch, and 3 Archers. … 30 Space: Dragon and 2 Balloons. BDrag, Witch, and Valk. … 35 Space: Dragon and 3 Balloons. … 40 Space: 2 Dragons.

Which troops is best for Defence?

A good defensive CC setup will always consist of: A base troop (with much housing space) Variety troops (to make it hard to counter one troop kind) Fill troops (to use all the housing space in your Clan Castle available)…Base TroopGolem.Lava Hound.Dragon.Electric Dragon!

What triggers clan castle troops?

If the Guard mode is on, the troops will be automatically deployed in case your village gets raided and enemy units enter the Clan Castle’s “trigger zone.” Clan Castle troops are deployed in a specific order: Troops with the lowest housing appear first.

Is Lava Hound good for war CC?

Obviously against Lavaloon attacks, Hounds have their weakness, but it really depends on the quality of attacker/attacks you usually face in random,CWL,League wars. On average, I think Hounds can be very useful CC troops!

Why war spectating is not allowed in COC?

After last update Clash of clan players(spies) who wants to join enemy clan spectate bases cannot allowed by Supercell during league and clan wars. Many clans were scaring from spies to open clan. … All clasher know that after closing global its not easy to find new members.

Are ice golems good for defense?

Defensive Strategy Even when overwhelmed, the Ice Golem freezes any remaining attackers for a few seconds. Ice Golems can prove to be a valuable defensive troop in Clan Castles.

What is the strongest defense in clash of clans?

If you like to war and to get your war weight to a minimum, Start with Air defences and traps, then work on point defences like Teslas, Archer Towers n Cannons. Followed by splash defences wizard tower, bomb tower n mortars. Finally comes xbows n infernos or EA.

Can I put troops in my own clan castle?

You can NOT put your own troops in your clan castle. Since starting your own clan would involve money and tons of organization with choosing the right co leaders and elders and such, I would recommend joining a clan that is somewhat established.

Do air troops trigger clan castle?

Balloons will only trigger Clan Castle troops that can attack air units. So troops like archers, minions, drags, etc. will come out, but troops like barbs, gobs, balloons, etc. won’t.

Does war CC donations count?

Make War CC donations count on the ratio. Take away any incentives to cheat the system by emptying War CC’s and re-donating: No XP boosts for war CC donations. War CC donations don’t count towards the “Friend in Need” Home Village Achievement.

What happens when you donate troops in clash of clans?

The clan donated troops will fight battles along with your trained troops. Likewise, If someone attacks U, the clan troops along with ur defensive buildings will obstruct the attacker’s troops . But the War donated troops (donated during War days) will only help ur defenses when Ur base will be attacked in War .

Can spectators donate in clan wars?

War spectators cannot donate troops into the War Castle.

What is the best troop to donate in clan wars?

The best troops do donate right now in clan wars , based on the experience of 210 wars won are:Dragon ( especially the new level)Valkyrye ( on 15 or 10 spaces town halls)Balloons ( if they land on some wizards when dying they are in trouble )More items…

Why some players are not eligible for war in COC?

Members who are new to your clan will be ineligible for war if they left their previous clan while a war was in progress. They will become eligible for war again when the previous war is completed. … If you start the clan war while members are still ineligible, those members will not be able to participate.