Quick Answer: How Do You Describe Fun?

How do you express having fun?

English phrases for having funFun or Funny.

Be careful with the word “funny”.

It means “amusing” or “strange”.


An alternative to saying “fun” is “enjoy”.

Remember, you need an object with the verb “enjoy”: …

I had… “I had a great time … ( at the party)” …

Other expressions.

to party / party hard = to enjoy yourself.

Describing the evening.

You can ….

How do you describe something fun?


How would you describe a fun night?

fun night / synonymsgreat night.good night.nice night.wonderful evening.lovely evening.nice evening.pleasant evening.beautiful night.More items…

What is a synonym for great fun?

great fun / synonymsreally fun.so much fun.very funny.very amusing.really funny.very entertaining.damn fun.great pleasure.More items…

What are some silly words?

Let’s see which of these craziest words you already know and which ones are new to you:Bumfuzzle. This is a simple term that refers to being confused, perplexed, or flustered or to cause confusion. … Cattywampus. … Gardyloo. … Taradiddle. … Snickersnee. … Widdershins. … Collywobbles. … Gubbins.More items…•

How would you describe a good memory?

People with good memory, on the other hand, are referred to as eidetic. Eidetic memory or photographic memory would be the correct term. The word you want is memorious. It’s most famously used in the title of Borges’s short story Funes the Memorious, which is about a man who remembers everything.

What is another word for good?

SYNONYMS FOR good 1 pure, moral, conscientious; meritorious, worthy, exemplary, upright. 2 adequate. 3 outstanding, admirable.

How do you describe a good time?

Here are some adjectives for good time: sinful and unrepentant, darkly dramatic, fight–social, generally royal, ostentatious and expensive, perfectly fascinating, sociable, red-carpet, rip-roaring, idyllic, rollicking, real, own, rousing, perfectly innocent, restful, middling, helluva, durn, areal, freewheeling, …

How do you describe a fun person?

Hilarious — She’s very, very, funny. Witty — She’s funny and can tell good jokes in an intelligent way. Humorous — She’s funny and entertaining. Amusing — She’s funny and fun.

What’s another word for good times?

What is another word for good times?funcelebrationfrolichigh jinksjubilationfrolicsgaietygamegreat timehijinks17 more rows

What means witty?

1 : marked by or full of clever humor or wit : smartly facetious or jocular a witty novel. 2 : quick or ready to see or express illuminating or amusing relationships or insights a witty raconteur.