Quick Answer: What Is The Synonym For Hunger?

What is the opposite of asleep?

Opposite Word of asleep: “attentive, awake, conscious”.

What is the synonym and antonym of hunger?

ˈhʌŋgri) Feeling hunger; feeling a need or desire to eat food. Synonyms. supperless famished empty starved esurient empty-bellied peckish ravenous sharp-set. Antonyms. thirsty meaningful undrained nourished abstemious.

What is the similar meaning of hungry?

ravenous, empty, hollow, faint from hunger. starving, starved, famished, dying from hunger, deprived of food, half-starved, malnourished, undernourished, underfed. informal peckish, able to eat a horse, with one’s stomach thinking one’s throat’s cut. rare sharp-set, esurient.

What is the opposite of being hungry?

Hunger is the feeling of wanting to eat. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes people feel hungry. The opposite of hunger is called satiety or fullness.

What are the signs of starvation?

Some of the side effects of starvation include:faintness.dizziness.blood pressure drop.slowing heart rate.hypotension.weakness.dehydration.thyroid malfunction.More items…

What does the G and R stand for in Hungry?

Joni Thomas Doolin on Twitter: “@TacoBell Principles HUNGRY: Helpful, Understanding, Never Follow, Grateful, Relentless, Youthful #RLC2013”

What does peckish mean?

1 chiefly British : hungry. 2 : crotchety.

What is the word for starving?

famished, hungry, peckish. [chiefly British], starved.

What’s worse than starving?

What is another word for starving?famishedstarvedhungryravenouspeckishunfedemptyesurienthungeringcraving17 more rows

What is a synonym for good?

SEE DEFINITION OF good. adj.pleasant, fine. adj.moral, virtuous. adj.competent, skilled. adj.useful, adequate.

What is another word for full?

What is another word for full?packedcrowdedfilledjammedstuffedburstingcongestedloadedteemingbrimful145 more rows

What is another word for hunger?

SYNONYMS FOR hungry 1 ravenous, famishing, starving.

How do you describe a starving person?

Famished. This is a word to use when you’re feeling very hungry – so hungry your stomach is growling. It comes from the Old English famisshe and famen meaning to starve. To be famished means that you are suffering from extreme hunger and it’s also used to describe someone who has starved to death.

What does I’m famished mean?

Either you have a death wish or you’re extremely hungry — famished that is. … Tracing the roots of famished leads us to the Middle English word for “starve.” So it’s no wonder famished means absolutely starving or totally ravenous.

What is the opposite of hidden?

Antonyms for hidden clear, known, uncovered, visible, unconcealed, out, exposed, public, bright, sociable, manifest, revealed, unmasked, open, seen, disclosed, apparent, showing, aboveboard, bare, Exhibited, plain, obvious.