Quick Answer: Why Does Butters Always Get Grounded?

Why is Kenny not in Southpark anymore?

Stone stated that thinking of humorous ways to kill the character was initially fun, but became more mundane as the series progressed.

When they determined that it would be too difficult to develop the character because he was too much of a “prop”, Parker and Stone finally decided to kill off Kenny permanently..

What happened to Butters eye?

The shuriken hits Butters in his eye and becomes lodged in it, which immediately brings an end to the battle and brings the boys back to their senses. Suddenly they all realize that Butters needs medical attention, but taking him to the local hospital would result in their parents finding out about their purchases.

Who voices Stephen Stotch?

Trey ParkerStephen StotchGenderMaleWifeLinda StotchSonButters StotchVoiced byTrey ParkerFirst AppearanceChickenlover4 more rows

Is Cartman in love with Kyle?

In “Cartman Finds Love”, Cartman tells everyone he and Kyle are a gay couple in order to prevent Kyle from stepping in Token and Nichole’s relationship. It was also shown that Cartman kept the blanket Kyle gave him in “Jewpacabra”.

Is South Park an anime?

animated series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone that is broadcast on Comedy Central in America and various other channels in other countries. The series began in 1997 and is on its fourteenth season with a total of 209 episodes, one movie and 7 shorts. As of December 29, 2020.

Is Kenny actually dead South Park?

The character was killed off the show in the Season Five episode, “Kenny Dies”, but returned in the following season, at the end of “Red Sleigh Down” and has since been a regular character; however, he now only dies occasionally.

Did they stop killing Kenny?

They Killed Kenny!” was once a catch phrase on the Comedy Central show. But the animated South Park elementary school character is no longer killed in every episode. Now, it’s more of an occasional thing.

Why did butters replace Kenny?

After Kenny’s semi-permanent death near the end of Season 5, Butters became the replacement Kenny, until this episode, where he is fired for simply being too lame.

What does Butters mean slang?

she’s attractive, but her faceThe expression “butters” is thought to be an abbreviation coming from the wording of “she’s attractive, but her face”, referring to when a man appreciates a women’s body but does not like her face. Possibly originating in the school playground, or could be linked to wolf-whistling.

Why do they call him Butters?

The nickname “Butters” evolved from Parker and Stone calling Stough “little buddy” for about three years.

Is Butters dad abusive?

Speaking. Stephen Willis Stotch, also known as Chris, is Butters’ abusive father as well as Linda Stotch’s husband.

What happened to Butters mom?

In the minecraft episode, Butters said that his dad killed his mom in minecraft and the fact that Linda Stotch hasn’t been seen in South Park since that episode has had me really confused. As King Of Doom said, the joke was that Butters was acting like the video game was real life, so I’m pretty sure she’s not dead.

Why do Butters parents always ground him?

Also in “How to Eat with Your Butt”, Butters’ parents ground him for making a silly face in his school photo, believe he is wearing make-up at one point (he isn’t at all) in and are convinced that his normal face is “silly” and has “made himself look like a girl.” It is assumed that Linda and Stephen actually have some …

Who is Butters dad?

Stephen StotchStephen Stotch is Butters’ dad. Although in earlier episodes (like “Butters’ Very Own Episode”), you may hear him referred to as “Chris”.

Why does Kenny always die?

Essentially, Kenny is always killed because he is needed by God to go to heaven in case of any attack. … After the aforementioned episode, Kenny is needed less and less in Heaven, to the point of him barely even dying. From now on, whenever you see Kenny die and hear Kyle and/or Stan shout “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!

What is a butters girlfriend?

About. Charlotte is Butters’ Canadian girlfriend. … Butters had to go out with her and give her a hot cosby to get their town and the Candians to all come together.

When did butters burn down the gym?

“The Ungroundable” is the 14th and final episode of the 12th season of the animated series South Park, and the 181st episode of the series overall. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the United States on November 19, 2008.

Are Cartman and Butters best friends?

Butters’ closest friendships are those with Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick.

Why is butters so cute?

What makes Butters so cute? His haircut somehow resembles the hair a baby might have, not the hair an elementary school student has. Though that alone doesn’t make him “cuter” than the other characters on the show, since they’re all pretty stylized. His personality is what sets him apart from other characters.

What does Butters say when he gets in trouble?

Whenever he’s upset or angry or scared, there is one clean, family-friendly phrase that he will always use to express his anguish: “Oh, hamburgers!”

Why does Kenny always wear a hood?

Let’s start out with his most famous alter ego, the superhero Mysterion. Kenny’s appeared as the vigilante Mysterion in four episodes, still donning a hood, but with his mouth is exposed in this one so he can talk in a deeper, gravelly, Batman-esque voice.