Quick Answer: Why Is My COC Account Locked?

How can I secure my CoC account?

You have to contact CoC support and ask for the recovery of your account.

They will secure your account and yes!!.

How do I kick someone off my supercell ID?

Just show her your screen. if your village is saved with gplay/gamecenter than changing password should be enough. if your village is saved with supercell id than you will have to contact the ingame support and request an opting out from supercell id.

Can I change my supercell ID email?

Contact support in the game. They can change it for you. edit: Go to “settings” menu and click “help and support”.

Why is my supercell account locked?

It sounds like Supercell has put the account into recovery and removed access for two days while the owner proves it is their base. They will send a code to unlock it to that person. Since you don’t know why it is locked it sounds like you did not ask SC to recover the account.

How do I remove supercell ID from COC?

But for another example: if you were to delete your supercell ID for clash of the clans, you can open Play Games, tap the Menu icon, go to Settings, then find Delete Play Games Profile, and hit on that option, then click on Delete to delete all your progress.

How can I recover my COC account without Google account?

Follow these steps:Open the Clash of Clans application.Go to In Game Settings.Make sure you are connected to a Google+ account, so your old village will get linked to it.Press Help and Support which is found via the In Game Settings menu.Press Report an Issue.Press Other Problem.

How can I unlock my COC account?

The unlock code pops up when an account has been locked due to an ownership dispute. You will need to contact clashofclans.feedback@supercell.net. Make sure you include your village name and clan. If the village had in the past been transferred to you it is now likely being reclaimed by the original owner.

Can I sell my clash of clans account?

Can a Clash of Clans account be sold? No Selling your COC account is illegal, but you can give it for free.

How do I reset my supercell ID?

You can’t reset an account persay, but you can begin a new account as mentioned using Supercell ID. Follow this link if you’re interested in joining!